Your deck is the focal point of your backyard. It’s where family and friends come together to enjoy the outdoors. Maintaining the look of your deck is essential to creating the ultimate setting for soaking up the sun or relaxing beneath the stars.

However, a peeling, flaky or unfinished deck can scare the fun away.

J. Stevens’ professional deck staining and painting service can restore the life of your deck and turn it into a finished work of backyard art.


Before any stain is applied, our team will thoroughly clean your deck to ensure the stain settles in and properly adheres to the surface. This includes removing any dust, dirt and wood fibers.

We will cover any surrounding plants and shrubs before starting so that your backyard landscaping is protected.

Then, we will wash your deck with a high quality wood cleaner to remove any algae, mold or mildew from the wood. The wood cleaner we use is effective at cleaning the wood without damaging any surrounding plants or vegetation.

We’ll also test your deck to make sure the wood can absorb stain products or see if it needs sealing.

Our professional contractors tackle all sizes of decks including small porches and wrap around decks. We take the time to carefully evaluate the condition and composition of your deck. Then, we create a plan with you so there is enough time for staining products to penetrate the wood and dry.

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Not only do you want your deck to look fantastic, you also want to protect it from the weather. Atlanta weather exposes your outdoor deck to snow, ice, hail, rain, humidity and the sweltering sun.

Staining will protect your deck from these elements while displaying a polished look that’s perfect for entertaining. Staining your deck will also prevent the sun’s UV rays from damaging your deck. UV rays cause wood to gray and fade.

We use the highest-quality staining products in the industry, creating a lasting protective layer over your deck. We also make sure we apply the right amount of stain to give your deck a beautiful finish. We only apply as much stain as the wood can naturally absorb without peeling. We offer a variety of different stains to match the type of wood of your deck and bring out its natural beauty.

We offer:

  • Semi-transparent stains. Semi-transparent stains allow the natural grain of the wood to be displayed without losing any protection.
  • Semi-solid stains. Semi-solid stains are opaque to highlight the wood’s natural color while adding a level of pigmentation to the deck.
  • Solid color stains. Solid color stains offer vibrant colors that compliment the color scheme of your house or surrounding landscape.

In addition, we add:

  • Wood clear sealer. Wood clear sealer prevents water damage, mildew buildup and reduces the impact of UV rays.  

Once our job is complete, your deck will look brand new, adding to the value of your backyard and your home.


Going for a specific look or trying to color coordinate? Not only can we stain your deck but we can paint your deck as well. Painting your deck beautifies your backyard and helps incorporate your deck into your overall property.

Painting your deck also provides long-lasting protection harsh from weather. Solid color painting offers a high level of UV protection.

We prime all wood surfaces to ensure adequate adhesion and moisture resistance. Then, we use the highest quality equipment to apply smooth, even coats of paint to your deck. We finish by making sure corners, steps, railings and other difficult to reach areas are fully painted.


Just like other parts of your property, your deck ages over time and may be in need of repair. Wood may be warped, cracked or splintered. Nails may be popping out of the deck.  These create unsightly and unsafe conditions in your backyard.

Our team of professional contractors are skilled at all types of wood repair. From full pieces of wood to cracks in your deck, our team can repair and replace wood boards before we stain or paint.


J. Stevens Painting has decades of experience beautifying homes across the Atlanta area. Our contractors provide the highest quality work throughout the Atlanta metro area and we stand behind our service.

We’ll provide you with a full estimate of what our services will cost before work starts. Once we are done staining and painting your wood, we will rinse any residue from products used and leave your deck clean.

For more information on our deck staining and painting services, contact J. Stevens Painting at 770-365-6889.