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Color and Mood: Is Your Space Bringing You Down?

Ever find yourself walking into a bright, yellow room and instantly feeling happy and full of energy? That is because your mood can be affected by color!  

It’s a scientific fact that different shades of the same color can result in different moods. In the same hand, poorly lit rooms with the wrong color can be a problem.  

If your space is bringing you down, Woodstock house painters can help you change the mood of your home. Here’s how your wall colors can affect your mood, energy levels, and outlook. 

Coral Reef and Gypsy Red  

Red is often associated with passion and energy. It tends to raise energy levels, which has been shown to increase blood pressure and heart rate.  

Consider it for your living or dining room since it can stimulate appetites and conversation. Although it’s not recommended for bedrooms, a rich, deep red offers a softer and more elegant look.  

Swimming and Lower Blue  

Blues are great for bedrooms because the color can aid in sleep and relaxation. It is said to bring down blood pressure and slow respiration and heart rate.   
Looking to improve productivity? Consider painting your study or home office blue. This color recedes, making small rooms feel bigger. Blues have a cooling affect, making them an ideal choice in rooms that get lots of natural light.  

Daffodil and Daisy Yellow 

Yellow has been known to make people feel cheerful and communicates happiness. It reflects light in poorly lit rooms.  

Be careful not to go overboard with bright yellow. It can be overwhelming in large amounts, prompting feelings of anger and frustration. If you want to paint a whole room yellow, seek out soft and buttery hues. They’ll be easier on the eyes while creating a relaxing and cheery atmosphere.  

Recycled Glass and Garden Spot Green  

Green is the combination of the best attributes of yellow and blue. Its warmth promotes comfort, bringing a calming effect to any room in your home. Harking back to nature, green evokes tranquility and composure.  

Energize a room with a cheerful lime green, or add elegance with a deep emerald hue. No matter which shade you choose, green is a versatile and joyful color. 

Thistle and Plummy Purple 

Purple has long been associated with wealth and royalty. In its darkest shades (eggplant, for example), it is rich, dramatic, and sophisticated. Lighter versions of purple, like lilac, are comforting and tranquil.  

Forceful and Marquis Orange 

Orange evokes excitement and enthusiasm. This is an ideal color for an exercise room because it is an energetic color. A dining room with dark orange walls is welcoming and inviting for guests in your home. Orange might be overwhelming in a living or bedroom, so keep the shade light or use it as an accent color.  

Set the mood for your home with the right colors. Make sure that the painters you hire do a good job that you will be proud showing to your friends. Our twenty years of experience speaks for itself, and we will leave your house cleaner than we found it.  

Ready to improve the mood of your home? Contact J. Stevens Painting at 770-365-6889 today to schedule your free painting estimate.

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