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How to Choose the Right Colors for Interior Painting in Dunwoody, GA

Painting the interior
of your home in Dunwoody, GA can be both exciting and overwhelming. The human eye is believed to have the ability to see approximately seven million different colors.

For some homeowners, this means that interior painting is an opportunity to let their creativity run wild on the walls of their house. For others, there are so many choices of colors to paint a home that making a decision can be challenging.

Here are some helpful tips on how to choose the right colors for interior painting in Dunwoody, GA.

Tips for Selecting Colors for Interior House Painting

Use lighter colors for less-illuminated rooms and darker colors for well-lit rooms. Lighter colors make rooms with less light appear more spacious and inviting.

Choose tints and shades of paint based on furniture and flooring. Lighter walls generally go better with darker floors (like hardwood floors) and darker walls with lighter floors (like tile floors).

Bathrooms that have white tiles, sinks or bathtubs can be contrasted with darker paint colors.

If your residence has an office, you may want to contrast dark wood or black desks and shelves with lighter color paint on the walls.

If you have a desired theme, you might consider painting two walls facing each other with a dark color and the two opposite walls a lighter color. These can be different colors that work well together or a darker and lighter shade of the same color.

Another variation of this concept is to paint walls with an alternating sequence of tints and shades, such as light-medium-dark-light.

What’s a Good Way to Choose Interior Paint Colors?

One way to identify sound combinations of color is to look for them in nature.  For instance, the colors red, orange, and yellow match well because they resemble fire. Blue and white match well because they are found together in the sky and clouds. You could then contrast these wall colors with furniture and curtains in accent colors.

You may also find using a color wheel helpful in selecting the right interior paint colors. Color wheels show the relationship between primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Primary colors are red, blue and yellow. Secondary colors are orange, green and purple. Tertiary colors are blends of secondary colors (blue-green, red-orange).

Color wheels are a great tool for identifying which colors compliment each other. Colors that contrast well are found on the opposites ends of the color wheel. Color wheels can also help you see how warm and cool colors can balance each other in a room.

A knowledgeable interior house painting contractor can assist you in selecting the right colors for your home. They can also provide information on the best types of paint to use on the inside of your house.

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