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How to Choose Your Exterior Paint Colors in Atlanta

Atlanta Home Painters | J Stevens PaintingWhen you think of homes in the Old South, you might imagine expansive plantation homes with tall, stately columns. Or, maybe you envision a house with a sprawling front porch decorated with painted rocking chairs and coordinating shutters.

Perhaps you crave color and slip into a daydream of the bright buildings of the French Quarter, with wrought-iron balconies. But, no matter where your mind drifts, each of these dwellings have one thing in common: they are pristinely painted in the perfect color for the area and architecture.

The South is known for these beautiful homes in varying colors, which means that the possibilities are endless and the stakes are high when you are looking for Atlanta house painting ideas. But, if you follow a few guidelines, your home can be as stunning as the Southern homes that fill fantasies.

Take a look around.

Before choosing your paint colors, you first need to make sure you’re being a good neighbor by going out into your area and looking at the homes near you. Make sure that you aren’t choosing any hues that could clash with the surrounding houses or any homeowner’s association guidelines; the last thing that you want to do is redo your exterior because of complaints.

Next, take a look at your landscaping. This greenery can factor into your decision as well, particularly if you have shrubs or flowers that are directly next to your home.

Finally, observe your home itself and consider the design. Certain paint colors or combinations can help boost the nostalgia of a home or work against the look entirely, so do take your home’s style into consideration when picking paint.

Go with your gut.

Once you’ve gotten a feel for the tones you should be looking into, take a trip to the hardware store and start pulling color palettes. While it is important to coordinate with your neighborhood, you should make sure that you are choosing shades that you like – after all, it’s your home!

Always sample.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to the top contenders, take a trip back to the store for paint samples. It’s important to test the paint on clean wood and verify that you like the color. Wait until the samples dry and then check the color in all light, natural and artificial, not just during the daytime.

Ask the pros.

If you’re stumped on what colors or finishes would work best on your home, your best resource is to ask the professionals. A quality house painting company can not only give you a beautifully finished look, but can help you in the paint picking process, making your place the ideal Southern home you’ve always dreamed of.

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