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Best Way to Remove Wallpaper in Vinings, GA

Homeowners in style-conscious suburbs like Vinings, GA are saying goodbye to wallpaper and and transforming their houses into modern living spaces.

If your home is plastered with out-of-date floral print wallpaper, you’re probably wondering how to remove it painlessly. Wallpaper removal is a time consuming task that may leave homeowners exhausted once the project is complete.

Here’s some information about the best way to remove wallpaper in Vinings, GA.

Preparing to Remove Wallpaper

It’s important to know what type of wallpaper is already on your walls and what’s underneath your wallpaper so you know which removal technique is best for your project.

For example, there is dry-stripping wallpaper where you can just peel it off. There’s also wallpaper made of foils or coated with vinyl or acrylic finish. These are much more difficult to remove.

When it comes to what’s behind your wallpaper, most walls are either drywall or plaster smoothed over lath (strips of wood or metal mesh). If you’re dealing with drywall, using a removal technique that involves water or any type of moisture could damage the drywall, making it soft and pliable. If you’re dealing with lath, any type of removal technique works.

There are a few top removal techniques that are ideal for many types of wallpaper. Each offer a different level of intensity when it comes to the amount of work it takes to remove the wallpaper. So, let’s start with the most simple removal technique:

Wallpaper Removal Techniques

Dry Stripping. Not a lot of work is involved with dry-stripping but you’ll have a big mess when you’re done. If you’re not sure if the wallpaper can be dry-stripped, try to loosen the corner of a section of wallpaper and begin to peel it back. If it’s dry-strippable, the wallpaper will begin to peel away in long strips.

You’ll want to do this with each section of wallpaper until your entire room is completely free of wallpaper. For best results, use a putty knife to get a good grip on pieces of wallpaper.

Soaking and Scraping. Get ready for an arm workout because you’ll put in some effort with this removal technique. If you’ve determined that drywall is behind your wallpaper, you’ll want to be careful with the amount of soaking you do.

With that in mind, you’ll want to first take warm water and a cleaning solution (many homeowners use fabric softener to loosen up wallpaper). Use a spray bottle to apply the solution and begin to scrape the wet paper off with a wide taping knife or wallpaper scraper.

If you’re having trouble scraping wallpaper after you’ve sprayed your solution onto the wall, let the solution sit for 15 minutes until the color of the wallpaper changes slightly. This means the solution has begun to set and has come between the wallpaper and the wall.

Steaming. Another removal technique that may be a big easier than soaking and scraping is steaming. Many home improvement stores sell wallpaper steamers that you simply place on the wall and the wallpaper falls off. This technique is great if you notice multiple layers of wallpaper covering your wall. Steam can penetrate deep into the most stubborn wallpaper.

If you’re steaming wallpaper on drywall, be careful when removing wallpaper as you could accidentally remove parts of the drywall. If this happens, let the drywall dry and use plaster to fill in damaged areas before you paint or apply any other wallpaper.

Hire a Pro. Another alternative is to let professionals do the work of removing old wallpaper. An experienced interior painting contractor in Vinings can make an assessment and tell you the best method of removing the wallpaper. They can also revitalize your walls with a high quality paint job.

To learn more about wallpaper removal and paint services contact J. Stevens Painting at 770-365-6889.

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