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How Atlanta Humidity Affects Exterior Paint?

How Atlanta Humidity Affects Exterior Paint | J. Stevens PaintingAtlanta is well known for its swings in humidity. Humidity measures the amount of water vapor contained in the air. During the winter, an ideal humidity would be about 35 percent. In the summer, humidity should be 50 percent or lower.

Atlanta, however, is different. During the winter, Atlanta’s humidity drops as low as 21 percent. The humidity in Atlanta can reach as high 90 percent during the summer.

This can make being outdoors very uncomfortable at times. It can also affect the exterior paint on your house. Read on to find out how Atlanta humidity affects exterior paint.

Humidity Affects Exterior Painting in Atlanta

We typically associate heat with humidity because that’s when we feel most uncomfortable. Atlanta’s hot season runs from May through September with July being the hottest month. The humidity reaches its highest point in August peaking at 91 percent.

However, remember that humidity measures how much moisture there is in the air, not temperature in the air.

Air naturally holds moisture. Paint contains water and solvents. The exterior walls of your house also contain moisture.

When the humidity is high, the air cannot absorb the water in the paint or the water on the surface of walls because the air is already saturated with moisture.

The main challenge with exterior painting in Atlanta when it is humid is the dampness of the surface. Excess moisture on walls is one of the main causes of paint failure. Paint may not adhere or dry correctly.

When the humidity is high, the water in the paint cannot evaporate. The solvents may dry first. This causes the paint to cure (or solidify) while still filled with water. Oil based paints have the same problem. If the the paint doesn’t cure properly, it will not adequately adhere to the wall. The color or the paint itself may come off of the wall.

When is the Best Time for Exterior Painting in Atlanta?

The optimal humidity level for exterior painting is 50 percent or lower. This makes the first half of the year a good time for exterior painting in Atlanta. You can still paint the exterior of your house during the summer months. However, it’s best to schedule exterior painting in the afternoon, when humidity levels have peaked.

An experienced Atlanta painting contractor can help you choose the right time to paint the exterior of your home. The professionals at J. Stevens Painting will also make sure you select the right exterior paint and apply the paint during optimal weather conditions. We’ll also make sure that the paint dries and cures correctly so you can rest easy knowing the exterior of your house will retain its fresh look for years to come.

For more information about J. Stevens exterior painting services, contact us at 770-365-6889.

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