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Add Some Sizzle to Your Kitchen with These Painting Tips

If home is where the heart is, then the heart of the home is definitely the kitchen.  For some, the kitchen is command central.  It’s where the shopping list and the family calendar lives. It’s also the place where magical meals that bring family and friends together are made. From a home improvement perspective, the kitchen is the place where design and color mix in a recipe for success.

So, when it’s time to freshen up your kitchen, find a painter who can show you a menu of new color ideas that will add flavor to the look of your kitchen. Experienced painters in Canton, GA know how to spice things up in your kitchen with bold colors and interesting textures. Here are few tips to add some sizzle to your kitchen.

Think Beyond the Walls When Painting Your Kitchen

Don’t let the walls have all the fun! If you have glass-front or see-through cabinet doors, consider painting the interior of your cabinets, too. Painting these spaces is an excellent way to add an additional splash of color to your kitchen. Cabinet exteriors can also be painted. Consider using contrasting colors on the upper cabinets and lower cabinets to give them more pop.Modern Kitchen Paint | J. Stevens Painting

Using an accent color on the backsplash is another way to add another dimension to your kitchen. If you have an island in your kitchen, your painter can customize it with a new color that works with the rest of your kitchen update.

Ceilings and even concrete floors can be part of your kitchen makeover, too.

How Much Paint Does it Take to Paint Your Kitchen?

When thinking of livening up your kitchen, take a moment to look around your space.  A gallon of paint may be all that’s needed to cover 300 square feet of space with one coat of paint.
With bolder colors more paint may be needed, but if your project is less than 300 square feet, you have the freedom to think about tangerine orange or sea foam blue. That’s a good place to start when thinking of adding some zing to your kitchen.

Choosing to add some sizzle to your kitchen is an exciting change.  Changing the colors on your walls, cabinets, or even your ceiling is an improvement that will bring a breath of fresh air to your entire home.

Hiring a professional painter makes livening up your kitchen easy and stress-free. The pros at J. Stevens Painting can help you pick great colors, choose the right paint for high temperatures and schedule your paint job at a time that’s convenient for you.

Contact J. Stevens Painting today for a free estimate at 770-365-6889.


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