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Initially founded as a railroad town, the Acworth of today is steeped in historic charm. It was designated a Georgia Main Street City in 2000, featuring a quaint stretch of modern shopping and dining that still features Victorian-era allure and architecture. Bringing a professional painting contractor to paint your Acworth home is keeping with the historic nature of the town.

While these authentic buildings of downtown have been restored to their former glory, your own home or office might not look as well preserved. Peeling paint or outdated color schemes can reduce the value of your house, as well as reduce your pride in living or working in such an environment.

That why you need an experienced and reliable Acworth painting contractor like J.Stevens Painting. Our detailed estimates and competitive pricing are backed by 20 years of experience and a guaranteed warranty, which means any paint job from J. Stevens is not just affordable – it’s an investment you can’t pass up.

Our expert painters use only top-of-the-line paints, stains and caulks, giving you truer colors that last longer. Plus, instead of forcing you to work around our schedule, we offer on-time appointments that we stick to, giving you minimal disruption to your schedule.

Our skilled workers are able to handle any job, which is why our services include:


We know the stigma that comes with painters trooping inside your building, with footprints and paint drips left in their wake. Yet, our experts want to do to more than provide a smooth interior finish – they want to break these messy stereotypes. 

This is why our policy is to leave your home or office cleaner than when they arrived. Our workers not only bring their own drop clothes, but carefully tape up all areas and immediately clean all spills.

We do more than clean up our messes – we ensure that your surface is perfect before we even pick up a brush. We remove outdated textures, like popcorn ceilings, apply any desired wall textures and even repair drywall, whether it is a small hole or an entire sheet.


The weather in Acworth is just like the rest of Georgia – varied and often ever-changing. This means the outside of your structure can be exposed to varied temperatures and precipitation that can chip and fade the hue of your home.

We want our hard work to last through the summer sun and the winter ice. This is why we carefully prepare your building before we ever open a paint can.

We thoroughly pressure wash the surface to remove any dirt or debris and scrape off all of the existing paint to ensure a clean, smooth surface for our paint to adhere to. We also caulk any open gaps, sealing your home against the outside elements, and prime the exterior to make sure your colors are vibrant and true.


While you might want to get creative with your home exterior, we know that living in certain areas may come with certain rules about your paint choices. That is why we strive to meet all requirements potentially set by a homeowner’s association, to keep you in good standing with your neighbors.

We also want to make your home look camera-ready, which is why we look at the whole picture before we make any recommendations. We take your landscaping scheme, decorating choices and other surrounding factors into account before offering any suggestions on the interior and exterior color scheme to give you a flawless palette that should land you in any magazine.


I highly recommend J. Stevens Painting. The owner was quick to respond to my several questions and Robert and his crew did a fantastic job! I was apprehensive since I always did my own painting and so I’m very picky when it comes to painting. I was pleasantly surprised at how well they painted my house. I had new floors installed the day before and the crew did a great job of protecting the flooring as well as my furniture. I knew I was in good hands when I saw Robert take down not only my lights off the wall but also the doorbell cover! Furthermore, they took great care in putting my TVs back on the wall and went above and beyond to assure the TVs were connected correctly by letting me test them before they put them back up on the wall! I will use them in the future (possibly paint my kitchen cabinets?) and highly recommend them!

Patty – Acworth, GA