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7 Resort-Inspired Hues for Your Home

A resort-inspired color palette can transform your home into a relaxing escape that makes every day feel like a vacation. Fresh, natural, and invigorating paint colors will brighten up any room, creating the essence of a beachside cottage, a Spanish villa, a luxury resort, or anything other relaxing environment your imagination desires. Take a look at these seven colors for inspiration, and call on an experienced painting contractor in Alpharetta to bring your ideas to life.

Chartreuse — Sherwin-Williams

Chartreuse is a sunny, rich yellow that complements blue and green beach-inspired colors. It’s a warm, delicate hue that’s subdued enough without fading into the wall. Pair Chartreuse with gray and aqua colors, and you’ll find yourself dreaming right by the ocean.

Frosty Glade — PPG Paints

Blue paint hues don’t have to be light and airy to capture that beach vibe. PPG’s Frosty Glade is a saturated blue that carries just a touch of green. It works well as an accent wall, or even on your front door. Pair this rich color with sandy browns, off whites, or a dusty mauve for maximum impact.

Summer White — Sherwin-Williams

Mediterranean villas are defined by their use of cream and spice color palettes. Summer White is a creamy, vanilla hue that makes any room feel light and breezy. Use terracotta tones for accents and trim to add warmth that doesn’t make the room feel dark and heavy.

Coral Cove — PPG Paints

Coastal style turns your landlocked home into a seaside resort. Coral Cove is a warm, summery shade that balances well with off-whites and sandy browns. Don’t be afraid to go bold with this color — use it to make your front door pop, or to warm up a room in your home.

Twilight Gray — Sherwin-Williams

This is a warm, earthy gray that infuses your color palette with images of driftwood. Twilight Gray goes well alongside creamy white trim and pale blue hues like Dutch Tile Blue, Blue Sky, or Festoon Aqua.

Seriously Sand — PPG Paints

Seriously Sand is a unique neutral tone that sets the scene for ocean-inspired hues. It’s rich and warm, creating a tan, sandy color for your walls. Choose green, aqua, and blue hues for accents, such as Teal Bayou, Tropical Tide, or Montego Bay to tie in the resort-style look.

Festoon Aqua — Sherwin-Williams

Not every beach day is warm and sunny, but a summer storm brings out beautiful seaside colors. Festoon Aqua is an aqua shade with a smoky undertone. It’s more muted than other aqua hues, making it easy to coordinate with warm neutrals. The gray undertone ensures that Festoon Aqua looks beautiful without being overly bright on your walls.

Ready to revitalize your home’s paint colors? J. Stevens Painting has been serving the Alpharetta community for over 20 years with a proven commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact us today or call 770-365-6889 to schedule your free estimate for your painting project.

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