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7 Design and Paint Trends for a Modern 2019 Nursery

Although cartoon characters and pastels are still very much alive for some new parents, savvy trendsetters are stepping out of the traditional approach to their baby’s nursery. Millennial parents today are pulling in ideas from the “adult world” to make their child’s haven a little more modern.

Between bold all-natural materials and classic polka dots, parents have a variety of themes to choose from. But painting your nursery is no easy feat. Especially being pregnant, it’s best to leave the painting to Woodstock house painters to ensure you don’t inhale any toxic fumes. Not to mention the physical labor it takes to paint a room!

Ready to get inspired? Keep reading to learn seven 2019 trends for your baby’s nursery!

1. Statement Wall with Wallpaper

Don’t let anyone tell you wallpaper is dead. This interior painting alternative is making a comeback! Rather than covering a room from top to bottom with busy wallpaper, today’s parents are choosing one statement wall – typically the one where the crib is – to be the focal point in the room.

Floral wallpapers are especially popular in girls’ rooms for a sophisticated and classic touch. Other trendy prints include woodland-themed animals, cactus murals, and geometric shapes – all of which are great options for a gender-neutral room.

For some parents, wallpaper feels like too much of a commitment. Instead, they’re going with oversized wall decals that can easily be taken down when they move or bring in the next baby. Animals, florals, and monograms are making statement walls pop, for a short time at least.

2. Gender Neutral Tones

Today, many families are going “old school” when it comes to finding out the gender of their new bundle of joy – meaning, they wait until the baby’s arrival to find out the gender. Their nursery décor is reflected in this decision.

Even for parents who know the gender of their baby before delivery are choosing to go with gender-neutral tones either because they like the neutral look, or because they want to make the room transition to the next baby as easy as possible.

Sherwin Williams has many choices for gender-neutral paint colors, including Network Gray (#7073), which is a gray with bold blue undertones, or Glimmer (#6476) a light mint color.

3. Modern Boho Chic

Although this trend isn’t exactly new, more parents are loving this theme for their nurseries. They’re incorporating accent pieces like a green hanging plant, fringed tassels and garland, handmade wall signs, and suspended chairs.

This theme mixes both modern and vintage vibes – transforming your child’s space into a calming space. When it comes to color palette, the boho look includes muted tones, neutral paint, and pops of natural color via plants and décor.

4. Millennial’s Passion for Going “Green”

Millennial’s passion to make the world a better place is showing up in their nursery design decisions. Inspired by Scandinavian design, “going green” creates a lighter, more inviting space. In the sense of this trend, “going green” is speaking to an all-natural, non-toxic space. Typically, this nursery features natural materials, like exposed wood and simple, organic toys.

5. A Tropical Space

No matter what the weather is outside, summer vibes will be felt all year long in a tropically designed nursery. From oversized leaf prints to beach-inspired décor, parents can choose between soft or bold accent pieces to tie it all together.

You have a few options when it comes to achieving the tropical look: wallpaper with greenery or palm leaves, subtle pink flamingo prints, natural wood furniture, a large tropical plant, and printed rugs, to name a few.

6. Polka Dot Fun

Polka dots in the nursery is a classic look. Plus, when they’re done right, they can be gender-neutral. Between wallpaper, a statement crib sheet, paintings, and décor, the classic polka dot pairs perfectly with both bold or softer paint.

7. Farmhouse and Shiplap

Joanna Gaines sure has made an impact on millennial’s taste in design. Antique-inspired cribs, hand-lettered signs, and gold accents are all the rage when it comes to the farmhouse nursery.

Of course, a farmhouse-style nursery wouldn’t be complete without a shiplap wall. As mentioned before, statement walls are popular in today’s nurseries. However, instead of wallpaper or decals, you can use the accent wall as your space for shiplap. It ties the whole look together without being overbearing.

Prepping for your baby’s arrival means you have a million things on your to-do list. Don’t let painting the nursery be one of them. Contact the painting professionals J. Stevens today, and we’ll take care of it for you. We’ll leave your baby’s haven as clean as we found it.

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