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6 Top Home Color Trends for 2017

We’re halfway through the year, and there are clear color trends dominating 2017. Sophisticated, modern hues are taking center stage, and inspiration for color palettes is pulled from the personality of those who use the space. If you’re looking to spruce up the interior of your home, here are six of the top color choices to discuss with Woodstock house painters.

1. Dusky Blue

It’s true — you really can’t go wrong with blue. A deep, dusky shade like Sherwin-Williams’ Endless Sea will bring a beachy atmosphere to your home. This color is especially great for highlighting a room’s high ceilings or making a room appear taller.

2. Serene, Soft Lavender

The addition of muted undertones make lavenders a light and versatile color choice. Cloudberry by PPG Paints is a great alternative to cool neutrals and grays. It pairs well with warm wood tones and classic neutrals, but avoid pairing it with other pastel colors. Don’t feel confined to just bedrooms or bathrooms — Cloudberry can be a soothing, refreshing hue in any room.

3. Warmed-Up Gray

Sherwin-Williams named Poised Taupe as its 2017 Color of the Year, and it’s wearing that designation with pride. After a few years of cool tones, Poised Taupe is an elegant blend of gray and brown. The slight purple undertone adds elegance to this cool neutral color.

4. Energetic Green

If muted, neutral hues don’t excite you, why not spice it up with a bold color choice? Mojo by PPG Paints is a warm green with ample yellow undertones. Use it in your kitchen, sun room, or anywhere you want to boost with added light and energy. Soft accents of brown, white, and purple-toned grays prevent Mojo from being overwhelming.

5. Hello, Yellow

Here comes the sun because yellow rooms are trendy again. From pale, buttery shades to rich, dark mustard tones, yellow is making an impact. Invigorate a tired room with Sherwin-Williams’ Gold Crest or let the sunshine in with Fun Yellow. If you like the idea of yellow, but you’re not ready to go bold, a subtle shade like Lucent Yellow might be the best option.

6. Think Pink

Not all pink has to be neon and bright. Lotus Flower by Sherwin-Williams is a hybrid of pink and salmon that acts like a neutral while accentuating a room’s natural light. Pair it with muted grays, creamy whites, and sandy browns to create a sophisticated, modern and peaceful space.

Call the Pros

At the end of the day, rather than following a trend, it’s more important to pick a color that resonates with you and space. Whatever color you choose, you can trust the experienced professionals at J. Stevens Painting to give you beautiful results. Not sure what color best suits you? We’ll help you find the hues that bring out the best in your home. Contact J. Stevens Painting or call 770-365-6889 today to schedule your free painting estimate.

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