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6 Tips for Painting Your Home in the Summer | J Stevens Painting

6 Tips for Painting Your Home in the Summer

If you want a refreshed look for the exterior of your home this summer, you’re not alone. Because summer is a “hot time” for the real estate market, many homeowners take this time to paint their home.

Although painting in the heat can be sticky, it’s not impossible. It’s an extensive project to tackle, so you may get the job done faster if you hire a Roswell painting contractor. Otherwise, here are some tips to help you get the job done on your own.

1.      Avoid Rainy Days When Painting the Exterior of Your Home

It’s no secret that summer is notoriously the warmest season of the year. When you venture outside to begin your paint project, make sure rain is not in the forecast. The moisture that comes before and after a downfall makes it more difficult for the paint to adhere and dry properly.

2.      Sunny Weather is the Best Time to Paint Outdoors

On the day of your project, double check the forecast to ensure that it’s not the hottest day of the week. The hotter it is, the faster the paint will dry. If it dries too quickly, the texture and smoothness of the paint job is ruined.

3.      Paint Your Home’s Exterior Early in the Morning

As the day progresses and the sun rises, so does the temperature, and the less enjoyable your project will be. Do your best to paint early in the morning, especially if you have to get up on the roof. Your home’s shingles get exceptionally hot, so tackle that area as early as you can.

4.      Avoid Painting in the Direct Sunlight

Although sunny days are the best for painting, do your best to avoid painting in the direct sunlight. The quality of the paint job is not just affected by the outdoor temperature. It’s also altered by the temperature of the surface. Areas that are subject to direct sunlight can be anywhere from 10-15 degrees warmer than shady spots. Follow the shade around your house so you’re not painting the warmest areas.

5.      Be Careful of Windy Days During Exterior Paint Projects

Avoid painting when it’s windy. Gusts of wind can easily pick up dust, dirt, and other debris that stick to your fresh coat of paint. Nothing is more frustrating than having to repaint your home due to unexpected wind.

6.      The Importance of Preparing Your Home’s Exterior Surface when Painting

Particularly during the summer months, preparing the surface is extremely important for a long-lasting job. In fact, to ensure its longevity, the prepping should take just as long as the actual paint job. To ensure the best possible outcome, combine a solid prepping procedure with high quality paints and materials.

If painting outdoors during the summer months isn’t something you want to take on, consider hiring J. Stevens. We’ve been working with homeowners across the Atlanta area for over twenty years. We guarantee a timely, fair-priced, high quality job, leaving no mess behind and little disruption to your home. Contact us today to get a free estimate, or give us a call at 770-365-6889.

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