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6 Reasons to Fall in Love with Millennial Pink

Millennial pink seems to be popping up everywhere you look. From apparel to décor and wall colors, people have fallen hard for this blushing shade of pink. It launched as a Pantone Color of the Year in 2016, and this blush-tone shade is here to stay.  

Don’t let the name fool you — while it may be the color of a generation, it works for everyone. An experienced painting contractor in Alpharetta can help you bring this color into your home. Here are six reasons it’s time to fall in love with millennial pink.  

1. Balancing Dark and Light

A soft, subtle pink wall creates an air of sophistication when it’s paired with dark accents. Complement it with black for a bold statement, or brown-toned gray for a seamless experience. Whichever way you go, the gentle, pastel pink will calm down a vibrant space.  

2. In-Home Art Gallery

Your home doesn’t need exposed brick walls to have an artistic appeal. Tap into your creativity with watercolor painting. Millennial pink pairs wonderfully with pops of fuchsia and blue. 

Hang up your work with hammer and nails, or casually lean it against the wall. Either way, you have a conversation piece for the next time friends and family come over.  

3. Hello, Houseplants

If you have a knack for keeping indoor plants flourishing, you’re in luck. Green looks great with millennial pink.  

Paint the walls in a soft shade of pink, which will complement your succulents, florals, or other houseplants. For a look that packs a punch, go bold with emerald green accents or décor.  

4. Sweet Dreams

A pale pink on your bedroom walls is a great way to unwind after a long day. Pair it with monochromatic décor for a quiet, calm abode. Your bedroom will be dreamy and cozy — the perfect slice of pink paradise.  

5. Start Your Day Bright

Hello, morning! A positively pink breakfast nook will cheer up any mood. White walls, natural wood floors, and a millennial pink table and chairs just begs you to stay for brunch.  

6. A Grand Entrance

Nothing says, “come on in” like a bright, invigorating front door. Millennial pink will go especially well if your home’s exterior is a white or neutral shade. Show off your bright personality and make visitors and neighbors smile with this cheerful shade of pink. 

This toned-down pink brings a calming presence to any room, helping you reduce stress and anxiety. Whether you go big or use it as an accent, there’s so many ways to surround yourself with millennial pink.  

Do you have ideas for how you can bring this unstoppable hue into your Alpharetta home? The paint specialists at J. Stevens Painting have the knowledge and experience to bring your color dreams to life.  

Get a free estimate on your next painting project. Contact J. Stevens or call 770-365-6889 today.

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