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5 Ways to Prevent Exterior Damage to Your Home This Summer

When summertime heat kicks into overdrive, is your home’s exterior protected from damage? Extreme temperatures, harmful UV rays, and increased humidity take a toll on your home’s paint job, roof, and siding. Take the time to examine your home’s exterior from top to bottom, and call a painting contractor in Alpharetta to repair any damages such as cracking, fading, or chalking. To ensure your home can withstand summer heat and humidity, here are five ways to prevent exterior damage.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

An experienced painting contractor always uses paints from top manufacturers such as Sherwin Williams and PPG, but some colors just fade quicker than others. Reds, blues, yellows, and greens will be more obvious when fading than neutral colors or earthy tones. If you love the idea of a cheery bright yellow or a dark cherry red, use them as accents instead of the all-over color choice.

Seal and Stain Your Deck

Sun damage will warp, crack, and gray out your deck over time. The high humidity of Georgia summers can cause moisture damage, especially if you’ve put off resealing your deck. Sealing your deck with a waterproof stain or paint will help you avoid costly repairs and give your deck a finish that can withstand the elements. Staining the deck also gives it UV protection, which is what causes the wood to gray and fade.

Coat Concrete Surfaces

Your concrete porches and walkways need attention, too. Acid or water-based concrete stains provide a long-lasting finish that’s resistant to damage from UV rays and mildew. Acid-based stains create muted tones that mimic natural stone, while water-based stains give you a brighter tone and are available in a range of colors.

Watch Out for Water

Excess moisture is a primary culprit for peeling exterior paint. Water vapor can accumulate beneath paint coatings due to a number of reasons, including missing barriers between the drywall and framing and a substandard caulking job. Broken or missing shingles also allow water into your roof, which can negatively impact your paint job. Fix broken gutters to avoid water buildup, and apply fresh caulk to areas where it’s missing or worn down.

Know When It’s Time to Repaint

Even high quality materials and professional application won’t make an exterior paint job last forever. If you’re seeing significant peeling, fading, or cracking, it’s time to hire experts to update your home’s paint job. Don’t put this off, because heat and moisture cause damage to exterior paint that spreads and gets worse over time.

At J. Stevens Painting, we’re dedicated to ensuring e your home gets the best treatment possible from start to finish. In addition to exterior and interior painting, we also provide deck sealing and staining, concrete coatings, and other services to keep your home looking beautiful for years to come. To find out more about what J. Stevens Painting can do for you, contact us today at 770-365-6889.

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