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5 Ways Summer Ruins Your Exterior Paint

While summer heat is great for outdoor adventures, vacations, or taking it easy with a cool beverage, it can take a heavy toll on your home’s exterior paint. The continual exposure to weather conditions can ruin the look of a paint job, especially if the area wasn’t properly prepped. The following are 5 ways summer sun, heat, and humidity affect your exterior paint, and how experienced painters in Canton, GA can help prevent or minimize the damage

UV Radiation Damage

We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen to protect our skin from the damaging effects of UV rays, but your home is prone to the same kind of destruction. Over time, exterior paint deteriorates as UV rays break down emulsifiers, which is what binds paint ingredients together. The lower the quality of paint used on your home’s exterior, the more susceptible to sunlight damage it will be.

Bursting Heat Blisters

As the sun beats down on your home, the surface gets hot. The darker your home’s exterior color, the hotter it’ll get. All of this heat can lead to blistering, which is caused by heat blisters or bubbles forming in the paint. When they burst, it leaves unsightly bare patches behind.

Peeling Paint

After heat blisters burst, rain and wind can cause the bare patches to get larger, eventually separating the paint from your home’s siding. When the summer heat beats down on blistered areas, the paint peels. As it cracks and peels, its ability to form a protective barrier around your home is compromised.

Chalky Residue

Exterior paint gets chalky over time in response to the sun’s UV rays, creating a thin film of dust on the paint’s surface. As the pigment, binders, and solvent in paint experience a chemical breakdown, it results in chalking. This is a normal occurrence in the lifespan of exterior paint, but it will leave the paint job looking dull or discolored. If you attempt to repaint your home without removing this chalky film, you’ll run into major issues with your new paint peeling.

Water Damage

When cool nights lead into hot days, those fluctuating temperatures can cause water condensation to build up on your home’s exterior paint. Condensation can cause paint to bubble and flake over time, which is made worse by continued sun exposure.

Keep Your Paint Safe During Summer

While all exterior paint jobs fade over time, J. Stevens Painting makes sure you get the best paint application possible to keep your home looking its best. We start by thoroughly prepping the exterior of your home by pressure washing, scraping down inconsistencies, and priming the surface. From there, we use only the highest-quality exterior paints with durable pigments to resist sun damage. Contact J. Stevens Painting or call 770-365-6889 for a free estimate on your exterior painting project.

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