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5 Tips for Removing Wallpaper

One of the benefits of having wallpaper in your home is that it’s not permanent. But taking it down isn’t as easy as putting it up. Removing wallpaper can seem like a daunting task, especially if it’s your first attempt. Before you call an Atlanta painting contractor, try these five tips to tackle the project yourself.

What you might need: a scraper, a utility knife, a chemical stripper, goggles, gloves, fabric softener, wire bristle brush

1. Start Small with Your Wallpaper

Before going full force, remove a subtle, hidden piece of wallpaper in the corner of the room, using a scraper. Doing this will allow you to assess how many layers of wallpaper are actually under there, something which may require you to change tactics.

Assess the Number of Wallpaper Layers

Strippable wallpaper makes your life a whole lot easier. To check, use a utility knife to pry up a seam edge, tugging gently while pulling downwards at an angle with both hands. If the paper comes off easily in a uniform sheet and doesn’t leave any residue on your wall, then you probably have strippable wallpaper on your hands.

3. Try a Chemical Stripper to Remove Wallpaper

If you’re trying to remove wallpaper that has been covered with paint, try using a chemical stripper, a product designed to strip textured wall coatings. You should remember to wear goggles and gloves during this process. If this is too intimidating for you, consider calling a local painting company who has the experience to deal with these chemicals.

4. Grab Your Fabric Softener!

Don’t let the name fool you—fabric softener can remove stubborn wallpaper. Simply mix one cap full of liquid fabric softener into one liter of water, and use a sponge to soak the solution into the wallpaper. Let the solution sink in for 25 minutes, and then simply use a scraper to scrape the softened paper from the wall. If the wallpaper has a water-resistant coating, use a wire-bristle brush to score the wallpaper–this will allow the solution to seep through into the damaged wallpaper.

5. Use a Wallpaper Steamer

It’s very common for professional painting companies to use steamers for easy removal of stubborn paper. Wallpaper steamers may be the best solution if you’re trying to strip inflexible wallpaper that has been layered onto a wall for decades. The steam weakens the stubborn layers, and they become moist and weak. This allows them to be scraped away more easily.

Removing wallpaper can be a tedious task, so why not leave it to the professionals? J. Stevens Painting is a longstanding Atlanta company with twenty years of experience in the business. Contact us today to get a free estimate!

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