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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Exterior Paint Color for Your Home

Painting your home’s exterior is no small task. While your home’s interior wall colors can be a reflection of your personal taste, the exterior color scheme needs to match your style, your surroundings, and your neighborhood. There’s no shortage of paint colors when it comes to transforming the look of your home’s exterior, and it’s a big investment. Before you call up any Woodstock house painters, here are a few helpful tips for choosing the right exterior paint color — or colors — that will look best for your home.

Take Your Permanent Features into Account

Choosing an exterior paint color involves more than just what colors you think look best. Consider the exterior features that you either can’t or don’t want to change. The color of your shingles, foundation, stonework, pathways, driveway, and accents should be taken into account since they’ll influence how the color looks when the job is done. Hold up paint swatches against your permanent features, or paint a small, conspicuous area on your home, to find something complementary.

Look at Your Landscaping

Your home’s landscaping and exterior paint scheme should complement one another, rather than compete for visual attention. For example, if your yard features a lot of lush greenery, painting the exterior a shade of green will make it blend in with the yard. On the other hand, if your yard is sparse with landscaping, a bright exterior color may seem harsh and overbearing.

Consider Your Neighborhood

If you live in an HOA neighborhood, the first thing to do is review the bylaws that relate to exterior paint colors. Otherwise, face financial penalties. Once you’ve checked that off, take a good look around at the surrounding homes. What are the colors of the homes on your street? Your exterior paint color should complement them, not clash.

Embrace Accents

Exterior paint schemes usually consist of three colors. The field color is dominant, the accent color is applied to doors and shutters, and the trim color covers trim work, including railings, windows, and door casings. Your trim color should contrast the field color, such as pairing a light field color with a darker trim.

The three colors don’t necessarily have to be separate hues — you can also use different tones from one color family. Going bold with accent colors is fun, but don’t overdo it. A bright and cheery door is great, but it gets overwhelming when the same bright color is applied to the shutters.

Trust the Experts

When you hire J. Stevens Painting to paint the exterior of your Woodstock home, you’ll get a professional painting experience with superior customer service. We start by thoroughly pressure washing your home’s exterior, scraping down inconsistencies, and caulking any open gaps. This ensures your home gets the best possible paint application.

Ready to transform the look of your home? Contact J. Stevens Painting or call 770-365-6889 today for a free estimate on professional painting services.

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