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5 Great Ideas for Painting the Kid’s Room

One of the hardest things in maintaining an up-to-date home, is keeping up with the changing likes and loves of kids.  One minute Taylor Swift is the talk of the day, the next it’s Pokémon.  Keeping up with the changing moods of kids is almost impossible.  Add to that the change in development, from toddler to big kid to tween, and it becomes clear that there’s no one-size fits all when it comes to decorating.

With the help of an experienced painter in Canton, you can get one step closer to creating the perfect haven for your child.  You can find a solution that keeps up with the latest design trends, while also satisfying your child’s current favorites.

Paint Color Trends for Your Kid’s Room

It’s time to abandon the traditional “kiddie” rooms with cartoon themes and primary colors in favor of bold splashes of color paired with simple and neutral tones.

Bring back the color schemes of yesteryear into your child’s room. Today’s vintage paint color trends are throwbacks to a bygone era.  Butter yellows and soft mint greens are great color palette ideas for a little girl’s room that has retro sensibilities.

Current interior painting trends are also combining shades of gray together for a calming and serene unisex nursery. More parents are choosing different shades of gray not only in teen and tween boys rooms but also in nurseries.

If you’re goal avoiding the frequent decorating, a more sophisticated color palette creates a timelessness to any kid’s room. Crisp white with navy and tarragon green accents is one color combination used to create rooms that transition from nursery to high school.

Retro Paint Colors Popular for Kids’ Rooms

This season’s vibrant colors are more reminiscent of the 1980’s neon rather than bright primary colors of last season.  Neon green and yellows are popular this year for the kid with just as vibrant a personality.

Speaking of the Eighties, home decorators in this millennium are creating rooms for kids that give a nod to the era of Duran Duran and Wham! To achieve this look, designers are using white as the predominate color of walls and using wall treatments in bright green, blue and yellow.

Painting your children’s rooms is an important part of beautifying your home. The professional painters at J. Stevens Painting can help you transform your children’s room with the trendiest and most vibrant colors of the season. Contact us today at 770-365-6889 for a free estimate.


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