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5 Big Ideas for Tiny Bedrooms

Struggling with your small bedroom? You’re not alone! Small bedrooms are one of the most common decorating issues that painters in Canton, Georgia hear about. Remodeling your room to increase square footage can be pricey and time consuming, but you can implement a few decorating tricks to fool your eyes. 

Read these five decorating tips that can easily make your bedroom appear bigger.  

Light Palette Colors 

It’s no secret that white opens up a room. Being surrounded by white can make a room feel sterile, but it doesn’t have to be. Lights shades of gray or pastels are great alternatives that still bring color without being overwhelming. Consider complementing the neutral tones with white bedding and cool-colored pillows like pastel shades of purple, green, or blue.  

Keep Furniture Minimal  

Furniture pieces can make or break a room, so it’s important to choose them strategically. Having large furniture in a small room will not only make your room feel cramped, but it will also put the furniture as the focal point in the room. Choose furniture that is in scale with one another and accents your paint colors nicely.  

Get Rid of Clutter 

Nothing makes a room appear smaller than floor-to-ceiling clutter. Not only can it be unsanitary, but it’s also taking up much needed space! Dedicate one weekend to getting rid of all your old knickknacks, especially belongings that no longer fit in your bedroom or don’t match your updated look.  Don’t make your bedroom bare, but select a few pieces of artwork, photos, and other accessories to make a statement.  

Goodbye Lamps, Hello Sconces  

Wall sconces above or to the side of your headboard will eliminate space on your nightstand. Sconces are a great addition to the room because they draw the eye upward, which helps the room appear more airy, open, and removes clutter. Adjustable sconces are perfect for book lovers who can move the light right where they need it and push it back when they are ready for bed.   

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall  

One full length mirror is a necessity in every room, especially to see your complete outfit from head to toe. In small rooms, use more mirrors for an optical illusion. Mirrors are the perfect trick on the eye to make the room bigger than it is.  

For example, you can add mirrors to your closet doors, hang a starburst mirror over the bed, or accent with mirrored or chrome-finished lamps and décor. You’re guaranteed to have light bouncing all around the room.  

Each of these decorating ideas will bring a major facelift to your tiny bedroom! Once you’ve decided on new décor, contact J. Stevens Painting to schedule a free painting estimate to get those tiny rooms looking bigger.

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