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4 Things Your Atlanta Painting Contractor Should Know About Room Colors

When you decide to paint a room in your home, you are changing more than the color of the room. You are changing the aesthetics, mood and even the perceived size of that room.

This makes selecting an Atlanta painting contractor an important decision. How a house painter approaches your home improvement project and their level of expertise has a big impact on the look of your home.

Here are four key things your painter should know before a drop of paint touches your walls.

House Painters Should Understand Basic Color Theory

Color selection is a critical part of your interior painting project. Your painting contractor should understand the basics of color theory and be familiar with the color wheel and color harmonies. This enables your painter to help you select complementary colors, which are across from each other on the wheel and analogous colors, which are next to each other on the wheel.

Your contractor should also understand which colors are warm (i.e. Navel, Marigold, and Cayenne) and which ones are cool (i.e. Calypso, Greenbelt, and Valiant Violet).

Your Painting Contractor Should Know the Emotional Effect of Color

Your house painter should know how color affects mood and emotions. Many psychological studies have suggested correlations between color and human emotions.

People in cold environments tend to prefer warm colors, and people in hot environments prefer cool colors. Think about the oceanic bluish-greens, similar to Isle Royale, decorating the walls and décor of a tropical bungalow.

Although one’s perception and response to color are influenced by culture, age and gender, there are universal similarities in the effect that certain colors have on people. For instance, a vibrant red like Real Red is usually perceived as strong, energetic, and active (perfect for the kitchen) while neutral colors like Lotus Petal, Bahia Grass, and Winter’s Breath communicate calmness (perfect for the bedroom).

Your House Painter Should Know How Color Affects Perception and Décor

It’s also important that your painting contractor understands how color affects the feel of the room itself. For example, dark colors tend to make a room appear smaller while light colors make rooms feel more spacious.

It’s a good idea to have your painter test out your colors in different lighting throughout the day before applying it all over the walls.

Understanding basic color theory also ensures that your painter can advise you on what colors best complement the décor or furniture in your room. For instance, bold-colored furniture and décor should be balanced with neutrals like Grecian Ivory and neutral décor can be energized by walls with bold colors.

When selecting your painting contractor, make sure they understand the dynamic effect of room color on your painting project. With 20 year of experience, J. Stevens Painting can help set the tone of your room with top-of-the-line paints. For a detailed free estimate, contact us at 770-365-6889.

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