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4 Stylish Treatments for Exposed Interior Bricks

Everyone loves the look of exposed bricks on interior walls. They’re homey, charming, and add character to the room. While brick walls are beautiful on their own, that’s no reason to leave them blank and untouched.  

Keep in mind that painting brick is more challenging than painting a wall. If you prefer to cover or soften the look of exposed bricks, trust Woodstock house painters for the task.  

Consider these four stylish treatments and decorative elements to make the most of your brick interior walls and features. 

1. Matte or Gloss Sealant

Preserve the rich, rustic look of brick walls with sealant. Otherwise, dirt and absorbed liquids will leave it looking stained and unappealing.  

A glossy sealant finish makes the space look brighter. This is a great solution for smaller spaces, such as hallways. If you want to preserve the look of brick without altering its appearance, select a matte sealant.  

2. Add Light with White

White is a popular color choice for painting over brick elements. A glossy finish is best for brightening the space and creating a clean, modern look.  

If the interior bricks are dark in color, it can make the space feel small and intimidating. Painting them white will liven up the space, making it warmer and more inviting. In general, the less light in the room, the better off you’ll be painting the brick white.  

Smaller brick elements, such as fireplaces, do well when painted over in white. If your home has wooden architectural elements, consider painting brick white so the space isn’t too busy.  

3. Create Balance with Whitewash

Whitewashing gives you the best of both worlds. You’ll soften and brighten the space with white while preserving the eclectic look of brick. 

This look is achieved by mixing water into the paint. It’s then loosely applied to the brick in uneven patches. The amount of water used and how unevenly its applied determine the final look. You could go for a cloudy, balanced whitewash, or an intriguing, patchy effect.  

Drier paint results in more visible brick. More watered-down paint creates a softer look where the brick peeks out from behind the whitewash. Drips are inevitable with whitewashed walls, so again, leave this job to professionals.  

4. Play with Stain

If you love the idea of exposed brick but aren’t thrilled with the current color, consider staining. This allows you to change the color while preserving the brick’s natural texture and variation.  

Grey brick can be stained to a more eye-catching red. If you don’t like an intense, orange brick for your interior, make it darker and richer with stain. Unlike paint, stains dye the surface of the brick, rather than covering it with a heavy film.  

Painting and staining brick takes careful application and plenty of prep work to keep the space clean. When you hire J. Stevens Painting to do the job, you can rest assured that we’ll leave the area cleaner than we found it. We supply our own drop clothes and furniture covers, so there’s nothing for you to clean up.  

To learn more about our services or schedule a free estimate, contact us or call (770) 365-6889 today. 

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