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4 Color Schemes for Fall that You Can’t Miss for Your Atlanta Home 

It’s that time of year again: time to celebrate the changing of seasons, the cooler weather, the summer’s harvest, and if you’re a sports fan – the return of football!

While you probably won’t be spending your days hauling the fruits of your labor from the farmyard to the table, there are still numerous ways to enjoy the colors, scents, and feelings of arguably the “most wonderful time of the year.”

The transition from the hustle and heat of summer to the routine and chill of autumn is a perfect source of inspiration for a fresh take on your interior décor and design. Here are 4 color schemes that your Atlanta painting company can use to spruce up your home just in time for fall.

Go Gatsby with Golden Walls and Pops of Teal and Turquoise

If classic and glamorous are words that speak to you, then it should be no surprise at all that you’ll be drawn to yellows and pale golds with accents of bright teal and turquoise. With a few coats of Decisive or Daisy yellow, your living room or dining room will stand out, especially when paired with a shade of Calypso blue. You’ll be ready to entertain in style.

Stay Warm with Coffee-Colored Neutrals

Nothing says “fall” like waking up on a Saturday morning to the changing, brilliant foliage and a delightfully warm mug of coffee in your hands. By rejuvenating your breakfast nook with coffee shop-inspired taupes, beiges, and browns, you’ll never dread having to wake up early again.

Got the (Prussian) Blues? Not with These Gorgeous Hues

Studies have shown that blue is not only the most popular color used for bedrooms, but it also creates the most relaxing ambiance of all the colors on the spectrum, thereby promoting a wonderfully restful night of sleep. Blues are associated with peace and calm, so whether you are enjoying a good book or preparing yourself for bed, you’ll create the perfect atmosphere for a little R&R. Try Commodore or Loyal Blue to give your bedroom a sleek, modern look while maintaining a serene and tranquil environment.

Evoke the Timeless Elegance of Fall with Figs and Plums

Some of the most idyllic fall shades that aren’t often included in the traditional autumnal palette are figs and plums. Despite being a part of the harvest of fruits and vegetables, these colors are not given their due consideration for interior design potential.

These deep, rich purples create a sense of elegance and sophistication not usually offered by some of the more popular (or brighter) shades of paint. The timeless essence of fall can be felt by coating the common areas in your home with colors such as Mature Grape, Kimono Violet, or Marooned.

Fall is the perfect time to clean house and freshen up the inside of your home. The redesign process begins with choosing the right autumn color palette and the right house painter. To make sure you are ready in time for fall, contact J. Stevens Painting today for your free estimate.

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