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3 Ideas to Make Your Small Space Seem Larger

When you’re looking to renovate your small home or studio apartment, you must contend with the challenge of managing severe space constraints. Unfortunately, one cannot associate the word spacious with a living area of 350 square-feet or less.

As a homeowner living in a constricted space, you must tactfully utilize every square inch choosing the right furniture, furnishings, and color scheme of every room in the house. However, you must realize regardless of how small the surface area of a home might be, through creative methods, it can be made to appear larger.

By utilizing glass, mirrors and choosing specific pieces of furniture when designing your small space, you can make it appear larger to both yourself and any guests you have over. Another effective method is to employ trained professionals that can help you choose lighter and more specific color schemes ensuring that the look of your confined rooms appears bigger.

The question that remains now is how these methods can be incorporated into your space to give off a larger look.

Color Scheme

Color schemes work similar to optical illusions; specific hues and shades trick the brain into perceiving spaces differently, thanks to the depth and dimensions they create. By carefully choosing color palettes , you can dramatically change the feel of tight spaces, and make them appear expansive.

An effective method to do this is to use a monochromatic scheme; you can choose one color for the base shade, and then incorporate diverse hues of the same. The variation in tone, allows the homeowner an overall cohesive look, without the induction of monotony. Additionally, you can also choose to integrate shades that complement or create a contrast against your base color.

The light and dark variations of a particular color create a relaxed, open illusion while allowing depth; the paint can also be applied to specific furniture such as bookshelves and counters.

Another factor to consider when deciding the paint for your interior is that neutral colors make spaces appear larger while darker colors absorb light and make spaces appear smaller. You should communicate with your contractor to understand all the options you have available.

Place Mirrors & Increase Lighting

Mirrors are great stylistic additions that enhance the look of any room they are placed in. A simple mirror with a minimally-styled frame or even larger frames; embellished with unique patterns and designs, both trick the eye into perceiving rooms as double their actual size.

These decorative mirrors also function as art pieces and regardless of how little glass area they hold, they have the reflective properties of a mirror and can brighten up any dark space.

By using half-length mirrors or oversized ones, strategically throughout your home, you can reflect light, brightening up your rooms and allowing the illusion of your home having a larger surface area.

Which brings us to our next point, natural light makes any interior look larger. You can renovate your home with large windows and skylights to instantly increase the amount of sunlight coming in, and expand its look.

However, if your apartment doesn’t get enough sun exposure, you can substitute the effect with lighting fixtures. Table lamps and overhead pendants advantageously placed in dark areas of your home light up rooms and give them an airy feeling.

The Right Furniture

Since your main struggle is limited space, the furniture options must be selected with great care. You should opt for multi-purpose furniture to maximize the usage of space. For example, instead of placing a sofa in your room you could buy a sofa bed.

This would provide a place to sit, relax, read a book, and at night you could pull out the bed to sleep on. Other options that you should consider are foldable tables, and chests as coffee tables that double as great storage space.

Space can further be maximized by placing large furniture pieces against walls to allow open pathways that do not impede movement and sightlines. Furniture that obstructs the view into rooms makes them appear cramped; any piece you feel is large should be placed in corners away from doorways.

Another factor you must consider is that tall furniture pieces such as bookshelves can make the ceiling appear lower than it actually is which in turn makes your home appear confined. If you have a small space, you must forego tall furniture for smaller pieces such as sofas with opens arms and tables with exposed legs. Such furniture pieces allow light to filter under them and any room they are placed in appears spacious. By utilizing the services of expert contractors in Atlanta, you are further aided in your interior designing efforts by dedicated professionals that can help you mold your small space into a lush home that feels extravagant.

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