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3 Ideas for Garage Floor Finishing

When it comes to flooring renovation and creativity, most people assume they’re limited to the interior of their house. But if you’ve landed on this blog, it’s likely because you’re looking for ideas to re-do your garage floor.

Whether you’re interested in painting concrete or applying a stain, you have plenty of options to have a brand-new garage. Before you consider hiring a contractor, read this blog so you have a clear understanding of what finishing you want.

1. Painted Concrete

One of the least expensive floor finishes for a garage is painted concrete. It doesn’t require special tools or measuring equipment, just a rolling brush and the right paint. It’s important to note, however, that paint will be more vibrant on younger concrete.

You have two options when it comes to paint: acid-based and water-based.

Acid-based paints are the typical go-to for covering concrete. This type of paint chemically reacts with the concrete to which it’s applied, forming a permanent bond. However, these paints are limited in color options, mostly consisting of browns, tans, beiges, and terracotta-type hues. The finished look is multi-colored and spotted, and may not look exactly like it does in the paint can or swatch. 

Water-based paints, on the other hand, consist of acrylic polymers and pigments. They are absorbed in to the pores of the surface, and no chemical reaction takes place. A lack of reaction is what makes the paint on the concrete appear more closely to what you see in the can. This consistency and predictability is why water-based paint is rising in popularity. They are easier to clean up and apply, plus, they offer a wider variety of colors.

Whether you choose water- or acid-based, they require a different preparation and sealing process, so do your research accordingly. If you don’t use the right application and sealing techniques, the outcome can be disappointing.

Although painting your garage floor is easy on the wallet, it’s not easy labor. Painted concrete is one of the most time-intensive ways to redo the flooring in your garage—which is why many Alpharetta homeowners hire a local painting contractor to do it for them.

2. Epoxy

Imagine antique cars sitting on a bright red garage floor with a sparkly, glossy finish. What you’re envisioning is most likely an epoxy finish. Epoxy and paint are two different finishes, although the two are commonly referred to as the same method. Paint is a latex acrylic material, and sometimes includes small portions of epoxy. On the contrary, epoxy is a resin that’s applied as a topcoat. It’s created by combining epoxide resin with polyamine hardener. The second ingredient is what makes it one of the most durable and tough coverings you can apply to your garage floor.

Unlike paint, epoxy doesn’t dry with time; it cures with a chemical reaction. The bond that forms makes it tougher and thicker than paint. It’s resistant to chipping and staining, and is dust- and moisture-resilient. This finish is a great choice if you have a workbench in your garage, collect antique cars, or repair your own cars.

3. Concrete Sealer

If you want the glossy look without the high price tag, applying a sealer is the finish you need for your garage floor. Just like paints, sealants are either water- or solvent-based. Although you’ll get that shiny look you want with either option, the sealant you choose either hides or highlights the underlying concrete.

That said, water-based sealers leave a more transparent finish, showcasing the exposed concrete underneath. This is the perfect option if your concrete is in pristine or decent condition, but you want it to look more polished. For concrete that has some wear and tear, you may want to go with a tinted sealant. You can give tarnished concrete a restored look, cover up cracks or stains, or bring a pop of color to your garage. Now that you know a few of the flooring options for your garage, give J. Stevens Painting a call to get the job done. It may sound easy to do on paper, but if you make one misstep in the priming, painting, or sealing process, your garage may look worse than before. Trust J. Stevens for all your painting projects. We’ve been helping metro-Atlanta residents for over twenty years!

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