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3 Easy Ways to Update Your Home During the Georgia Winter

While Georgia winters aren’t typically as frigid as other parts of the country, colder temperatures and shorter days send many people indoors, hunkered down and waiting for warmer weather to come back again. Since winter is a time when you typically spend more time inside, it’s a great opportunity to update your home with some simple remodeling projects. Here are some simple projects you can do to update the inside and outside of your home with help from a painting contractor in Alpharetta.

Create Open Space

The indoors can feel confining, but you can create open space without tearing down walls. It’s no secret that lighter colors make a room feel larger, and there’s no need to feel confined with a standard white. You can lighten up a room while still having fun with colors by picking the lightest shade on any type of color chart swatch. Light-colored furniture and mirrors placed on the opposite wall of windows will also help make the room feel larger. If the furniture you have is too dark, consider painting or staining it a lighter color to liven things up.

Add Lights

If adding a lighter paint color still doesn’t brighten up the room enough, consider additional lighting. Adding recessed ceiling lights can really help as well as additional lamps around the perimeter of the room to pick up where central ceiling lighting stops. Use this as an opportunity to update any lighting that is dated, increasing the modern look of your house. Energy efficiency and brightness can be increased by replacing any incandescent or CFL bulbs with LED light bulbs.

Remove Wallpaper

Most wallpaper is very dated, and removing it can greatly improve the look of your house. It also allows you to put any color that you want on the walls of your house instead of being limited by wallpaper. Removing wallpaper is very tedious and requires proper technique, because it’s easy to mar the wall surface underneath. It’s best to hire a professional to remove the wallpaper for you, because you’ll be guaranteed to have a perfect wall surface when the work is done.

Exterior Interaction

When updating the interior of your home, keep in mind how the improvements interact with the exterior of the home. Improvements on the inside of your house should match theme and look of the outside of your house. We’ve all seen the house that looks terrible on the outside and amazing on the inside. Spend the cold winter months touching up the inside, and in the spring, consider having the exterior pressure washed to take off mildew, and a new coat of paint applied to the house and deck.

Getting the Job Done

J. Stevens Painting can spruce up the inside of your home by painting and removing wallpaper. We can continue to update your house throughout the year with improvements to the outside your house to match the transformation inside. Our estimates are free and detailed so that you will know exactly how much things cost up front. The owner of J. Stevens oversees every job, so you can be sure that your job will be a quality one.

Call J. Stevens today to get started on wintertime wallpaper removal and painting services.

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