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2018's Most Popular Sherwin Williams Home Colors | J Stevens Painting

2018’s Most Popular Sherwin Williams Home Colors

As a leading Atlanta painting contractor, we promise to only use the highest quality paints when we decorate your rooms. That’s why we use Sherwin Williams paints, among other industry-leading paint brands.

If you’re looking to update your room to a more trendy color, here’s a list of the most popular Sherwin Williams paints in 2018. Each collection divides up their colors into different “themes”, making it easier to identify where in the house you’d enjoy them.

Sherwin Williams’ Next Journey Collection

The Next Journey collection is designed to suggest nature and adventure, with colors being reminiscent of the night sky, earth tones, and unknown places. As more homeowners seek to intertwine nature with their home for a natural and contemporary aesthetic, we anticipate that the Next Journey collection will become very popular in 2018. Here’s are the collection’s colors:

  • Divine White SW6105 / HGSW4044
  • Spiced Cider SW7702
  • Riverway SW6222 / HGSW3302
  • Comfort Gray SW6205 / HGSW3286
  • Blue Nile SW6776 / HGSW1331
  • Notable Hue SW6521 / HGSW2385
  • Salty Dog SW9177
  • Mink SW6004 / HGSW2443

Individual Mix Collection by Sherwin Williams

Designed to bring out your personality with a splash of vibrant color, the Individual Mix collection has visible influences from Latin America, where colors are often a little more vibrant and free.

  • Parakeet SW6711 / HGSW1243
  • Robust Orange SW6628 / HGSW1103
  • Netsuke SW6134 / HGSW3197
  • Antique Red SW7587 / HGSW2071
  • Cerise SW6580 / HGSW1031
  • Antique White SW6119 / HGSW4047
  • Balanced Beige SW7037 / HGSW2486
  • Sealskin SW7675 / HGSW2451

The Future Thinker Palette by Sherwin Williams

Featuring Sherwin Williams’ 2018 Color of the Year, Honeycomb, the Future Thinker color collection is designed to stimulate innovative minds and be conducive to an entrepreneurial environment. If you’re looking to create a tech-based startup without having a “clinical” feel, Future Thinker’s mixture of vibrant and warm colors could be the perfect choice for you.

  • Something Blue SW6800 / HGSW1376
  • Capri SW6788 / HGSW1353
  • Framboise SW6566 / HGSW1021
  • Jay Blue SW6797 / HGSW1361
  • Honeycomb SW6375 / HGSW2133
  • Garden Spot SW6432 / HGSW2242
  • Domino SW6989
  • Show Stopper SW7588 / HGSW1052

Sherwin Williams’ Thoughtful Living Palette

Designed to instill a sense of harmonious calm and tranquillity, Thoughtful Living is a largely muted color palette that exudes relaxation and coziness while still remaining fashionable.

  • Georgian Bay SW6509 / HGSW2362
  • Totally Tan SW6115 / HGSW2155
  • Greek Villa SW7551 / HGSW4030
  • Fired Brick SW6335 / HGSW2071
  • Charming Pink SW6309 / HGSW2047
  • Snowbound SW7004 / HGSW4062
  • Grayish SW6001 / HGSW2447
  • Adaptive Shade SW7053 / HGSW3493

If you want the latest Sherwin Williams colors for your home, J. Stevens can help you choose a color. We are dedicated to customer service, and we will never leave a mess behind! Get in touch with us today and get a free estimate on your next painting project!

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