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10 Things To Look For In A Painting Contractor Pt.1

Summer Painting

Just because a person can hold a paintbrush does not make them a painting contractor. There are certain signs to look for to make sure you are getting a high quality contractor that will do a professional job.

1. Good reviews
Good reviews are important when it comes to selecting a painting contractor because it shows not only that the contractor paints well, but also shows that he or she is good to work with. Reviews are even better when they come from someone you know who has used this contractor before but are also good if found on an online review site.

2. Detailed estimate
All companies will give you an estimate when you request to have work done but the detail put into that estimate shows strong attention to the finer points of your project. A detailed estimate also helps to reduce the likelihood of any changes when it comes time to pay the bill for the job.

3. Guaranty on work
Make sure that the company guaranties their work. So once the job is done if the painting work is not to your satisfaction the contractor will fix it without any problems. A good paint contractor stands by his work and should do this regardless.

4. Portfolio of past work
Reviews are good because they show the contractor does good work but a portfolio of past work is important to making sure that this contractor’s style of work is right for you. Past work is a good indicator of future performance. If you’re happy with previous jobs this contractor has done you should be happy once your home or business is painted as well.

5. Experienced
Experience is key to doing great work without any surprises. Pick a contractor who has been at the job for years and has seen everything there is to see when it comes to paint. This will help insure everything goes smoothly and the job gets done quickly and efficiently.

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