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10 Things To Look For In A Paint Contractor Pt.2

Here is the second half of the list of signs that you should look for to separate the professional contractors from the average Joes. Here is the first half of the list of signs to look for when picking the right paint contractor.

6. Licensed
Not every person that picks up a paintbrush is a painter. Yes, that person can paint your house but if you select a properly licensed painter the job will come out looking much better. Ask your paint contractor if they are properly licensed and also this information should be easily accessible on their website.

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7. Has insurance
Make sure your contractor is insured. Like a license this should be easily visible on the companies website. Accidents can happen when working and this will make sure that the contractor is more than capable of handling any problems on his or her own.

8. Extensive product knowledge
There are thousands of choices when it comes to selecting paint. These choices don’t only involve color, they also deal with paint quality and durability. Extensive product knowledge is important to selecting a paint that will leave your house looking great for years.

9. Well managed projects
Make sure that even if you select a reputable painting company that an establish paint contractor is there to oversee the painting of your home or business. Having a competent project manager working on your painting job will make sure that the job gets done quickly and the work quality is satisfactory.

10. Member of a professional association
Being a member of one of these professional organizations shows accreditation by other paint contractors. This certification also insures a certain level of quality and professionalism in every job.

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